What makes Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil special?

Campania olive tree plantation at dawn
Olive grove at Campania

Tasmania has a cool climate compared to most areas of mainland Australia. This cool climate gives a longer growing season which produces a superior quality olive and, thus, a superior quality extra virgin olive oil.

Olive trees in Tasmania are slower growing and tend to produce less fruit compared to those growing in warmer regions, but what is produced tastes better and is better for you.

Tests show that extra virgin olive oil from cooler climate areas have higher concentrations of nutritious mono-unsaturated free fatty acids and antioxidants.

The International Olive Oil Council defines Extra Virgin Olive Oil as having no more than 0.8% free fatty acid level. Most Tasmanian cool-climate extra virgin olive oil has a free fatty acid level of around 0.2% which is four times better than the IOC standard.

Tuscany in Italy is renowned for its premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Tasmania has a similar latitude to Tuscany, and similar seasonal temperatures. The only difference is that Italy is north of the equator and Tasmania is south of the equator.

Tasmania deserves to be known as an ideal place for the production of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

“Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it tastes better ... and is better for you”