Olive Groves extra virgin olive oil

What makes the extra virgin olive oil from Olive Groves of Tasmania superior?

Olive Groves of Tasmania has 17,000 olive trees in a plantation at Campania, in the Coal River Valley – an area ideally suited to the production of cool-climate olives. These olives are proven to be more nutritious and have a full fruity taste.

Olive Groves of Tasmania is the largest olive grower in the State. Having a large olive grove gives better opportunity for maintaining continuity of supply and quality of a true Tasmanian product. This is further assured by being a signatory to the code of practice of the Australian Olive Association.

The Mediterranean region is the source of 95% of global olive oil production – from southern Europe, particularly Spain, Italy and Greece, and from north Africa and the Middle East. International regulations are not always effective in ensuring that oil labelled as Extra Virgin Olive Oil actually meets the specifications.

It is important to know that Olive Groves of Tasmania does not risk the blending of imported overseas oil.

Olive Groves of Tasmania Sicma olive harvester
Our Sicma harvester is the only one in Tasmania

Olive Groves of Tasmania Enorossi olive oil extraction machinery
Our Enorossi processor is state-of-the-art


Olive oil deteriorates when exposed to air and light.

Olives are harvested in the winter months of June and July in Tasmania. In order to ensure freshness, Olive Groves of Tasmania has a top-range Sicma harvester, which ensures that the olives are dropped in a rapid but hygienic manner.

The fruit is then transported to our facility in Hobart where it is processed in a state-of-the-art Enorossi oil extraction machine. This machine minimises exposure to oxidation that might degrade the oil.

In season, it is possible to view the extra virgin olive oil being processed at our facility at Island Markets in the Hobart suburb of Moonah.

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The extra virgin olive oil produced by Olive Groves of Tasmania sets the highest standard. We have a major investment in the pursuit of excellence.

Olive Groves of Tasmania – your assurance of the finest cool-climate extra virgin olive oil.

“Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it tastes better ... and is better for you”