What is extra-virgin olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the natural oil that is produced when quality olives that have been picked straight off the tree are processed, as soon as possible, without the use of chemicals or excessive heat.

The extra virgin olive oil that is produced in this manner is clean and healthful – exactly as nature intended – and not adulterated or added to in any way. The oil has not been treated other than through washing, centrifuging and filtering.

Olive Groves of Tasmania Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is an all-natural food.

True Extra Virgin Olive Oil is less than 10% of the total olive oil production of many producing countries.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a free fatty acid level of not more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams (0.8%).

Categories of inferior-quality olive oil are:

What do the labels indicate?

For the purest, most healthful oil, make sure that the olive oil you buy is labelled Extra Virgin Olive Oil and, because overseas regulations are often lax, we recommend that you look for Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has the seal of approval of the Australian Olive Association.

“Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it tastes better ... and is better for you”