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Drums of olive oil after processing
Processed oil in storage drums

Olive Groves of Tasmania is owned by the Caccavo family. Ralph Caccavo and his son, Rocky Caccavo, have extensive business interests in Tasmania, ranging from property and construction, to indoor markets and the export of seafood.

The Caccavo family established Olive Groves of Tasmania and the olive plantation at Campania in 1996. The olive grove is the largest in Tasmania. It is located near the northern end of the Coal River Valley in southern Tasmania, an area selected for its warm summers and cool temperate winters.

There are approximately 17,000 olive trees in the grove. The main olive varieties are Frantoio, Barnea, Verdale and Mission and several other table olives, including Manzanillo.

Olive Groves of Tasmania are members of the Tasmanian Olive Council which is associated with Brand Tasmania.

Other business interests of the Caccavo family:

“Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it tastes better ... and is better for you”