Olive Groves of Tasmania is the largest olive grower in Tasmania, with 17,000 trees at its plantation at Campania in the Coal River Valley.

Olive Groves of Tasmania retails 100% Tasmanian-grown and processed extra virgin oil through its Hobart outlet at Island Markets in Moonah, and also through online sales of special gift-packs.

Olive Groves of Tasmania is a wholesaler of bulk supplies of Australian Extra Virgin oil to the restaurant and catering industries.

We have opened our new retail branch in Melbourne.
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Olives and olive oil

Why is olive oil a better choice?

Do you know that there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol?

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Hands full of olives

What makes Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil special?

Tests prove that cool-climate extra virgin olive oil from Tasmania is better for you. Discerning consumers also prefer the intense fruit flavour.

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“Tasmanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – it tastes better ... and is better for you”

Harvested olives

What makes the extra virgin olive oil from Olive Groves of Tasmania superior?

You can rely on our carefully processed and certified product. Some imported oils have been shown to be short of the standard. Olive Groves of Tasmania supplies only genuine top-quality Australian extra virgin olive oil.

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Is the oil produced by Olive Groves of Tasmania certified organic?

Our orchard pracatices are natural, organic and sustainable.

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